Foodie Haven Pepper’s Iberica Resto

For someone who craves for movement and variety in life, it’s no wonder that even the minutest jerk excites me. Don’t take that literally though as I just want to make a point. That in life, go ahead and explore. Make any day a reason to celebrate. Make every day a reason to indulge.

Pepper’s Iberica Resto is one such delicious movement that should excite you to celebrate and indulge under one roof. It’s a Davao gastonomic hub that will have you hungry even when you are not. At Pepper’s Iberica, you’d love that it’s not intimidating and of course, guaranteed to make you smile from ear to ear. The resto is very welcoming as too their crew and owners. You’d surely feel right at home.

Their menu is another story. Not only do they have delicious dishes to keep you warm any time of any day but more so, their dishes are rich in history. Hand me down recipes perfected through time and cooked just for you is what Pepper’s Iberica is all about. It’s not just food – it’s a food affair.

Let me take you on a gastronomic tour with Pepper’s Iberica Resto’s best dishes. Well, some of them. Enjoy and you can thank me later. To my fellow media royalties, foodies and bloggers, see you again.

Cheers and again thank you to the owners, Allen and Chiqui Aportadera and Aj Dumlao.

Their Relyenong Bangus is a definite must try! It’s packed and meaty that you’ll forget you are eating fish. With or without rice, you’ll enjoy this. Super thumbs up!

Crispy Bangus with Tomato and Salted Egg is a fresh take on our usual fried bangus dish. Yes, it’s crispy fried but with the addition of sliced tomato and salted egg, it creates a new level of taste that will have you craving for more.

Their Beef and Mushroom is something you’d want to start your meal with. It’s rustic, tender and very flavorful. Make sure to fork everything in one go – you’ll seriously love the play of flavours on your palate.

Not only is their Seafood Paella packed but it too is rich in history. As foretold by one of the owners, Chiqui, the recipe was handed down to her and is now considered a delicious heirloom that everyone loves.

Their version of this dining star staple is delectably delicious. Their Pinakbet is crunchy, savory and textured to the last bite.

Perfect for those who love fish, their Cream Dory with Cucumber Salad dish is something you’d love on any given day. The fish is rich and well-seasoned. The addition of cucumber and tomato on the side is just perfect.

Iberian Chicken,for the curious soul, is marinated whole chicken with herbs, spices and oven baked in oilive oil with potatoes on the side. At Pepper’s Iberica Resto, you’d find yourself eating with your bare hands because of this. This is their ultimate best seller! And I concur.

Pepper’s Iberica Resto is located at Door 9 Asaje IV Bldg., Mabini Street, Davao City

For orders and reservations, you may call them at 0922 391 2364

Operating Hours: Mondays to Saturdays 10:00am-2:00pm and 6:00pm-10:00pm

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