Rekado Davao’s Repertoire of Filipino Flavours

Nowadays, dining in Davao involves more than just a gustatory incling to eat and be satisfied. Nowadays, dining in Davao means a holistic experience that’ll enable you to eat, savour and repeat to your hearts content.

One noteworthy restaurant that does just that is Rekado Davao. It’s a cozy dining place that has a massive repertoire of anything and everything you want. . .on any given day!

The rustic and welcoming vibe of the restaurant is something you’d not find elsewhere. The cozy baroque exterior nestles within a comforting interior that is very dining conducive and of course, foodie friendly.

And that’s just the place.
Their menu? Well, it has a story of its own.

Their menu is extensive –really! — and mouthwatering at the same time. Surely, not for the faint of heart. Here, you need your appetite. With their selections, you need to part ways with your calorie counting ways before you set foot inside.

One glance at their menu and you’ll fall in love with their dishes. Not just the dishes but their affordability too. What’s more, their servings are perfect for sharing. Hence, best way to experience Rekado is with your family and friends.

Mix and match your choices and you’ll end up with food pairings that’ll blow your mind. Choose from a variety and take a sample from each. You’d love how the individuality of the dishes complements the other dishes without overpowering their flavours.

Rekado Davao is all Filipino with a hint of fusion flavours that will remind you of the past, enlighten you with the present and make you look forward for the future.

Yes, every bite creates an explosion in your palate that will make you smile from ear to ear. Every bite is a reminder that Filipino dishes — at this day and age — is still the best and most comforting dishes whatever your preference may be.

Rekado Davao is conveniently located at 1050 Jacinto Extension, Brgy 11-B, Davao city. The glass house is open at 10 am to 10 pm with a Merienda cena served from 2pm to 5pm. For the latest news and food updates, follow them on and instagram @RekadoDavao. For reservations, you can call them at (082) 284 2136 or 0917 722 9299.

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Crispy Beef Tadyang is meaty, juicy and very fork tender.




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