Sweet Escape at Bodegera Cafe

Comfort food. Sweet escape. Bodegera Café.

Foodies as we are, we always crave and yearn for flavours, textures and depths in whatever we eat. We like to experience a number of things in one bite – sweet, savory, bitter, sour and all that there is to identify. At Bodegera Café, everything is made available.

Bodegera Café is a quaint and cozy restaurant/café located in downtown Davao. Located at the ground floor of Homitori Davao (a dormitel perfect for budget travelers visiting the city), Bodegera is any foodie’s perfect sweet escape. Not just because of their many sweet treats, at Bodegera, you’ll most definitely feel right at home minus the stress of everyday life.

Foremost, Bodegera was an offshoot of the need to have a relaxing place for the in-house Homitori guests. In truth, there are but a limited cafes within the vicinity hence the perfect solution to an impending need. It’s not as commercialized but it has since been flocked by many to relax and spend a night of serenity and flavors.

Like the Homiroti, Bodegera is very clean and well-maintained. It is not intimidating thus you can always expect a memorable time whenever you are here. More so, Bodegera is homey and cozy that you’ll want this to be part of your weekly repertoire. The café has a very welcoming ambiance. Its antiquated theme is so cozy that you’ll forget time even existed. Personally, I love how inviting the place is. The bookie in me is just as excited as the foodie in me. And that’s just the place.

Food wise, Bodegera is but a true hidden gem waiting to be explored. Their menu might be minimal but the taste of everything they serve is guaranteed to make you smile from ear to ear. They have an array of cakes, cupcakes and shot glass filled with sweet delights.

Their selection is not as extensive as that of other cafes but they sure know how to satisfy your-any-day-sweet-craving. Must try is their Braso de Mercedes – it’s fluffy, creamy and just the right sweetness. Their cake loaf with cherries and chocolate is also a must try. Personally, I love the cakes from Bodegera because they are not too sweet and pairs well with either a hot or cold beverage (must try their Java Mint!). Exciting, right?

They’re not only about cakes and pastries; they too serve plates of al dente pasta and sandwiches that will have you wanting for more. Their pasta is very rich and creamy and bursting with flavors. Personally, I love the brown sauce and the spicy kick in the end. The mushroom adds another depth to the already savory taste. For the sandwich, it’s literally filled to the brim – something that other cafes don’t have.

Bodegera Café is located at F. Bangoy Street corner Sta. Ana Avenue, Davao City

For orders and reservations, call them at 082 295 2969 or 082 295 2971

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