Red Corner Burger Café: Heavyweight Burgers (August 2015)

This week is all about meat, meat and more meat. For someone who isn’t big on meat – but appreciates a slab of chargrilled steak once in a while – you’d most definitely not find me munching on a burger on my own. Well, I’ve had my give-me-meat-coz-I’m-stress days but that’s a rare to a medium occurrence. Get it? Oh well.

Today, it’s all about the juicy and dripping meaty burgers of Red Corner Burger Café. With a minimalist interior, you’d be in awe with the many burger images they have on the wall. Obviously, the burger café plays around the colour red hence its name. However, as told, it too is a boxing themed joint. How so? Look at their menu and you’ll never have to ask.

Since they opened their first branch (Mabini), many have flocked their place and fell in love with their offerings. Though the place is small, their tower burgers made their way into the hearts of patrons and converts. Raves, reviews and testimonials about them have bombarded the social media for a long time now. Truly, Red Corner Burger Café is a definite must visit when in town.

Their second branch (Obrero) can also cater to only a handful of customers at a time. However, this has since been one of the most visited burger joints in town. Not to mention, this is located in the heart of where the crowd is. Perfect, right?

They may have a small space but their burgers are packed with flavours, it’s always a KO! Indeed, they are tower burgers – from a far, you can already see how juicy their patties are. They are stacked and can cause an avalanche of emotions. What’s more, their servings are enormous.

Don’t know what to have? Have a look at their extensive menu and choose a favourite boxer to match your appetite. Have a go with cheese, bacon (you can substitute for beef bacon, just ask them), caramelised onions and other condiments to go with your cravings. But one thing is for sure, despite the lack of it, you’ll still love their burger.

Red Corner Burger Café is not just about delicious and craving worthy burgers; they too have the juiciest steaks in town. Perfectly marinated and cook according to your preference, you’ll sure have a moment of silence as you take a bite. Their Grilled Rib Eye Steaks are only available at Red Corner Burger Cafe – Obrero. For only 99 CENTS per gram, it’s cheap in price but is overflowing with goodness.

So, the next time you crave for something meaty, go ahead and head over to Red Corner Burger Café. Juicy tower burgers and perfectly cooked steaks for a portion of a price!

Red Corner Burger Café — Mabini Street Corner Araullo Street, Davao City (between tumble tots and badminton world).

Red Corner Burger Café — Palma Gil Street, Barrio Obrero, Bricklane Compound, Davao City (fronting Business Class).

For their latest food offerings, promos and events, browse their facebook fanpage at
For advance orders and reservations, do call them at 082 321 0165.

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