Tatang's Halo-Halo Native chicken (@herroyalheiress)

Tatang’s Halo-Halo (June 2015)

Best way to beat homesickness?
EAT – a satisfyingly sinful hobby that makes me smile from ear to ear.

For one, I always crave for food finds within my comfort zone. Munching on familiar taste is somethingthat elevates my happy hormones to astounding levels.

Nowadays, my best place to be? Tatang’s Halo-Halo. I have never been one to finish a bowl of halo-halobut here, I can. Truly, this place is a food haven that does not intimidate the hungry you. It speaks of foodand gives you food like you have never tasted before.

The simplicity of the place makes it easy for the soul to be at ease. Their menu? It’s not as extensive asyou would expect it to be but mind you, everything (on their menu) is spot on delicious. Despite thelimited food choices, you’d still have a hard time. So, most of the time (I mean, all the time!) you’d endup with everything they have.

Tatang's Halo-Halo (@herroyalheiress)
Tatang’s Halo-Halo (@herroyalheiress)

Nothing says  happiness  than a bowl of this. The distinct sweet taste of pastillas makes the whole icesweet experience a cut above the rest. With ice cream or not, you’d still be treated to a sweet palateexplosion. Here’s a tip: Eat immediately!

Mais con Hielo
Ice, corn kernels, milk and pastillas – if that is not enough to make you drool with hunger, then you surelyhave a bad case of dead taste buds! Order one and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Tatang's Halo-Haalo Pancit Palabok (@herroyalheiress)
Tatang’s Halo-Haalo Pancit Palabok (@herroyalheiress)

Pancit Lug-Lug (Palabok)
I am a picky palabok eater but with a plate of this from Tatang’s, I am always satisfied. I personally lovethe texture and mixture of the sauce. It’s thick and savoury and makes for a better coating. Entirely, theirpancit palabok is packed and simply, delicious! Try one now.

Tatang's Chicken Pastil (@herroyalheiress)
Tatang’s Chicken Pastil (@herroyalheiress)

Pastil (Chicken and Tuna)
Pastil is wrapped rice with flaked tuna or chicken.  Their take on this traditional Muslim dish tastes likehome. Yes! It’s comfort wrapped in banana leaves. Take a bite and fall in love – certainly.

Cooked nicely, their steak is soft, tender and juicy. The sauce creates a nutty coat of the meat that makesfor a good food flavour combination. Oh and it’s always on Buy 1 Take 1!

Tatang's Halo-Halo Native chicken (@herroyalheiress)
Tatang’s Halo-Halo Native chicken (@herroyalheiress)

Grilled Chicken BBQ
It’s native but it’s very tender and juicy. You’d think of it as not native. This is perfect with their pastil and or their Sininang Kambing.

Sininang Kambing
A delicious traditional Muslim dish taken into the hustle and bustle of the city. Their sininang kambing isjuicy,  tender and spicy – everything you need for  a sinina. You just  have to have a taste of  this  tounderstand that this dish deserves the same stars like that of in the sky. Super delicious!

Aside from their delicious and easy on the budget dishes, Tatang’s Halo-Halo is certified HALAL hence perfect for my Muslim brothers and sisters who are always on the lookout for a Halal restaurant in the city. More so, we are days away from the celebration of the Holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan TRIVIA
Ramadan is  the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and is  witnessed worldwide.  According to Islamic beliefs,  this  month long of fasting is  celebrated to honour the first  revelation of  the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Shape up your soul: Prepare yourself spiritually. Wake up earlier than usual. Detox your body: Stop the urge to snack all throughout the day – especially when you’re bored. Drink alot of water and if you can, avoid coffee and tea. At night, eat lots of fruit, vegetables and salad. Free your mind: Have a more colourful outlook in life!

Visit Tatang’s Halo-Halo at CJ Building, Eco-west Drive, Ecoland, Davao City. For the latest food news, likeand  browse  their  facebook  fanpage  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tatangs-Halo-halo/958968207456418?fref=ts



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