Buko Halo-Halo (@herroyalheiress)

Fishy Fish Dishes For You and Me

Our craving has opened a number of great opportunities – palate wise, that is. Because of this, we are able to mix and match food combinations that makes for a better gastronomic experience for us all.Nonetheless, with every opportunity come two sides that can either make or break one cuisine from the other.

From Davao to Cotabato, I am always on a delicious lookout. I love dining out and discovering somethingnew. I love the idea of rediscovering my surrounding with every bite I take. This time, I was craving for fishy dishes…and it was a very delicious and fulfilling hunting, indeed.

Babu Katips – Cotabato City
An old, new favourite, Babu Katips has been feeding more than just the locals – they have also become afavourite amongst tourists and everybody else. Located somewhere south (near the Airport), it sits on acomfortable and easily accessible lot where people could flock and convene with ease.

Babu Katips offers delicious home-cooked meals and the best tasting deep-fried katipa (hito)on this side of the city. Indeed, the name is a clear representation of their best seller. From kids to kids at heart,everyone is  loving the dishes  at  Babu Katips.   Here,  you get  more than just  a  satisfied meal  – the experience of trying out new dishes of different culture is a definite must-try too.

Something fishy and something crispy?
Deep-fried katipa is more than enough to make everyone smile from ear to ear.

Deep Fried Hito (@herroyalheiress)
Deep Fried Hito (@herroyalheiress)

Want a hot soup to awaken your tired senses?
Order a bowl of their tinolang native na manok to start your delicious journey to satisfaction.

Tinolang Native na Manok (@herroyalheiress)
Tinolang Native na Manok (@herroyalheiress)

Craving for a bite of tender-juicy chicken pieces?
Their crispy fried chicken is too good to be true.

Fried Chicken (@herroyalheiress)
Fried Chicken (@herroyalheiress)

Eating with vegetables?
The pansit is a perfect one-dish meal for me and you.

They too serve a delicious buko halo-halo to wash all your worries away.

Buko Halo-Halo (@herroyalheiress)
Buko Halo-Halo (@herroyalheiress)

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