Taco Pizza (@herroyalheiress)

Coco’s South Bistro: Flavours of the World (May 2015)

Coco's South Bistro
Coco’s South Bistro

What  I  am  most  proud  of  Davao  exceeds  the  superficial  façade  of  physicality  —   it  is  the  many gastronomic places ready to satisfy everyone’s craving anytime of any day. Yes, Davao is a dining hub can introduce your palate to the flavours of the world.

Coco’s  South  Bistro,  certified  Davao  pride,  is  one  best  dining  place  that  can  not  only  satisfy  you gastronomically but encourage you to explore beyond your comfort zones. True, not many appreciate the distinct taste and aroma of the world however, here at Coco’s South Bistro, they take you on an adventure one bite at a time.

Considered a must-go-to-place for both locals and visiting foreigners, this classically laden restaurant serves more than just your typical  pizza and pasta combo. Here, you get more than just the typical flavours your palate has been accustomed to.

They have an extensive menu that holds forth a treasure of dishes and cuisines unlike anywhere else.From appetizers to soups to steak, they have an array of selection that will greatly satisfy any of your flavour cravings. More so, make you forget about your diet as soon as you take that first bite.

Are you a big pasta lover? On their menu is an array of the best savoury pasta dishes on this side of the city.  Big on Pesto? They have a plate of al-dente pesto pasta that will  surely make you forget about calorie  counting.  Italian  pasta?  They  too  have that  –  a  big  plate  of  Tomato-Basil  Pasta is  definitely something you must try. They also have Aglio E Olio, Spaghetti Bolognese and others… all you need is ask!

Tomato-Basil Pasta (@herroyalheiress)
Tomato-Basil Pasta (@herroyalheiress)

Want  something hot  and chewy at  the same time?  Everyone has  been  raving  about  their  Seafood Chowder – a delightful creamy and smooth soup made of homemade chicken broth, fresh clams served in fresh bread bowl – is perfect to an already perfect day. Don’t get shy. . .  they expect you to tear the bread down.

Seafood Chowder (@herroyalheiress)
Seafood Chowder (@herroyalheiress)

Pizza lover? Here’s something new and exciting to the senses. Order their flavour packed Taco Pizza and be transported in the streets of Mexico in a swift. Thin and crusty pizza shells with seasoned ground beef, salsa, two cheeses melted to perfection, topped with shredded lettuce  — surely enough to get you smiling from ear to ear.

Taco Pizza (@herroyalheiress)
Taco Pizza (@herroyalheiress)

Not only does Coco’s South Bistro serve some of the most delectable dishes in town, they too are perfect for sharing with family, friends and your intimate significant other. Other than their antique-ish interiors, relaxing ambiance but they too have big servings worth your every cent.  Hence, if you, your family and friends are up for an afternoon (or evening!) of dining with ease under one roof, then you are in the right place.

Coco’s Bistro South is open from Monday to Sunday – 10:00 am until 11:00pm.
Davao: F. Torres Street (082) 222-3494
Davao: Tulip Drive, Matina (082) 285-2319
Davao: Victoria Plaza compound (082) 2226-2626
General Santos City: J.Catolico (083) 552-8000



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