Grilled Pork Belly (@herroyalheiress)

Perl Farm Maranao Restaurant: Medley of Flavours by the Sea (May 2015)

The Parola may be one of the most significant icon for Pearl Farm Beach Resort but there is more than their inviting pools and breathtakingly majestic view that will have you coming back for more – their food is also perfect for any time munching with the sea god.

Any fun activity – be it under the sun or not – will surely leave you hungry thus, food forms an integral part in any activity.

This  is  something  that  Pearl  Farm  Beach  Resort  took  in  great  consideration.  Their  extensive  and delectable menu is a bragging right that will surely leave you hungry just by reading this. In short, they have everything for anyone on any occasion.

Choose amongst their many offerings and don’t forget to always leave a room for dessert.

First up, create your own salad with cold cuts, olive choices, seaweeds and fresh greens. Drizzle,top or toss, their salad bar is a feast on its own.

Salad Station (@herroyalheiress)
Salad Station (@herroyalheiress)

If salad is not for you, then you can always warm your soul with a bowl of hot heart-warming soup prepared with love and care. Most often, they have seafood chowder that features the freshest catch from the abundant sea cooked with cream and vegetable pieces perfect any time of the day.

As Filipinos, we value the presence of rice in our every dining moment. Here, they have choices of rice cooked al-dente to the taste. Their viand selection is also impeccable.

Have a taste of their buttery-tangy Blue Marlin steak garnished with garlic bits paired with pieces of crunchy steamed vegetables on the side. For the meat lover,  they too have a perfectly marinated version of an all-time favourite Bistek Pilipino that will have you asking for another serving of rice in an instant.

On any given day, you’ll also have a hard time choosing from their delectable grilled choices – Grilled Chicken, Grilled Squid and Grilled Pork Belly to warm your mind, body and soul. These meat  and  seafood choices  are  garnished  with  fresh  pieces  of  onions,  tomatoes  and  other  fragrant vegetables that will leave you asking for more.  For the sawsawan lover in all of us, they have it covered with an array of food combinations for you to mix and match.

Grilled Chicken (@herroyalheiress)
Grilled Chicken (@herroyalheiress)
Grilled Pork Belly (@herroyalheiress)
Grilled Pork Belly (@herroyalheiress)
Grilled Squid (@herroyalheiress)
Grilled Squid (@herroyalheiress)

Dessert is a whole different story —  as it is found in a separate table. Fresh fruit choices and sweetdelectable cakes in bite size pieces proudly awaits the sweet lover in you. More so, they have some kakanin choices and freshly baked rolls and breads for a nightcap by the sea.

If you want an escapade like no other, head on to Pearl Farm Beach Resort and enjoy the abundance of the sea. Visit them at the Abreeza Mall, JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City for reservations and inquiries.



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