Pancit Palabok (Photo from

Celebrations of Food and Heroism (April 2015)

Today we celebrate Araw ng Kagitingan or Day of Valor! Let’s not forget the greatness of our Filipino ancestors and forefathers who fought during the WW II. For the heroism, thank you!

To commemorate today, here are 9 of the most delicious and comforting Filipino dishes that has stood the test of time.  Apologies for making you hungry!


Be it hipon, beef or pork, the sinigang is a favourite especially on a cold day. Made from freshly squeezed tamarind and fresh local greens, this hot and sour soup is a fiesta on its own.

Pancit Palabok

Pancit Palabok (Photo from
Pancit Palabok (Photo from

It’s no secret that we love noodles. The pancit palabok is a combination of noodles, meat and savoury sauce that makes for an interesting gastronomic taste. Don’t forget the calamansi!


Kare-Kare on any given day!
Kare-Kare on any given day! (photo not mine)

The medley of flavours and textures is what makes the kare-kare exemplary for any day of the week. The secret to this dish? Peanut butter!


Comfort at its best. From the typical simple braised recipe to the creamier one, you’ll surely a have grand time eating this.


Chicken Afritada
Chicken Afritada (photo not mine)

A hearty meal of meat, potatoes and sauce, this Spanish influenced dish is a perfect one pot meal that can make you smile from ear to ear.


Lumpia  (photo not mine)

Sweet or savoury, the lumpia has been a staple in every dining table gathering. Considered mainly as a snack, it can be made long or short, thick or thin. For the traditional in us, we love our lumpia with meat, veggies and a crunchy texture on every bite. Hint: Add some crushed toasted nuts on your filling!

Cassava Cake

Cassava Cake
Cassava Cake (photo not mine)

This plain looking kakanin is a delight to the taste.  For a creamier cassava, add some caramel sauce on the filling.

A staple especially during the yuletide season, you can always find a freshly steamed bibingka anywhere in the country. Make it even more delicious with melted butter, fresh coconut meat or itlog na maalat slices on top.

What more can you say?


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