Break The Silence

paying attention is the still the best form of respect.. do and be done of the same… Stop abuse!



It is full time we break the silence of abusing our children. The word abuse my be defined has cruel and violent treatment of a person or animal.There are four types of child abuse :

Physical – which involves bodily harm on the child.

Neglect- which involves the absence of parental care.

Psychological or emotional – which involves action that cause the mental anguish or deficits.

Sexual- which involves the behavior intended for the offenders sexual apettie.

Now why is it that so many people are turning a blind eye from this issue that is on the rampant. Is it that we don’t care ,mothers,fathers,uncles,brothers, pastors, officers,caregivers,sisters its time to stop. Sometimes I wonder how you sleep at nights don’t you see your hurting them .

They are crying out they are ashamed because you won’t break the chain ,they are crying out don’t you see I bet not because…

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