5 C’s of Valentines (February,2015)

Disclaimer: It is just now that I decided to upload my previous articles. I’m sorry for my past-related posts. Trying to get everything up and in sync with the now. 🙂
Disclaimer 2: Photo not mine.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
As we celebrate the most romantic day of the year, here are  5 of the most common  but  sweetest  gifts  you  can  give  to  your  significant  other,  family  member,  friend  or  self. Remember, it’s always the thought that counts!

Chocolate Chip Cookie
A chocolate chip cookie has definitely come a long way. For starters,  it  contains  tiny  chocolate  chips  that  add  a  heavenly  flavor  to  every  bite.  Also,  it’s  just  so addicting that you cannot help but associate it with happiness and comfort.

There are a number of varieties available. From nutty to gooey, the chocolate chip cookie is a surefire way  to  make someone smile.

Chocolate Lollipop
Chocolate lollipops are made using melted chocolate poured into candy molds and are then frozen. Different chocolate varieties are available thus no need to worry. You just need to use your imagination as you go!

If you are planning to make a batch, customize. Use edible balls or dusts to make it festive or you can even mold letters and express your love. . . lollipop style!

Cakes may be common but nothing says I LOVE YOU better than a gooey moist cake. Scout the area for the best tasting cakes or buy a favorite. Make an effort and show that you care.

If you are in the mood, make a batch. Whip up a no bake cheesecake or a chocolate cake with toppers of your choice. It’s never too late to learn to love the kitchen and the magic that happens inside.
Whatever your choice may be, effort makes a big plus and so go ahead explore.

Chocolate basket
If chocolate is your thing, do something different.  Make a basket of favorites. From the minutest of bar to the most expensive you can afford, nothing could make anyone smile with glee than a basket of chocolates on Valentine ’s Day. The key here is your effort and not the receipt.

Chocolate liqueur
Though considerably hard to find, Davao has a lot of specialty shops and online sellers who has a bottle(or two) stacked somewhere. Buy a bottle and taste the difference … a small amount truly goes a long way.

Sweets and candies never go out of season. Come Valentine’s Day, find one that is not in your usual repertoire. Explore the many flavors of candies and make memories as you taste one after another.

Happy Anniversary to my Daddy and Mama! I may not always be in the same zip code as you but I loveyou to the moon and back. I am forever grateful for your love, support and care. I love you!

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